Wednesday, May 26, 2010


There are a lot of fast sports on grass but Hurling is the fastest. Here is what it is in a nut shell first you have an axe shaped stick that kinda looks like a lacrosse stick but with no pocket and a ball that's kinda like a baseball (sliotar). Second you have no padding other than a helmet other than that there is nothing else so if you get hit there is no protection. Third you can carry the ball for 3 steps then you either have to bounce it on the ground or carry it on your hurley. Fourth the net is as big as a soccer net with a field goal on top with a goalie that has no padding and a normal sized hurley. Getting the ball into the bottom you get three points and one point for the top.

Tackling: Players may be tackled but not struck by a one handed slash of the stick; exceptions are two handed jabs and strikes. Jersey-pulling, wrestling, pushing and tripping are all forbidden. There are several forms of acceptable tackling, the most popular being:
• The block, where one player attempts to smother an opposing player's strike by trapping the ball between his hurl and the opponent's swinging hurl;
• The hook, where a player approaches another player from a rear angle and attempts to catch the opponent's hurl with his own at the top of the swing; and
• The side pull, where two players running together for the sliotar will collide at the shoulders and swing together to win the tackle and "pull" (name given to swing the hurley) with extreme force.

Although many hurling clubs exist worldwide, only Ireland has a national team (although it includes only players from weaker counties in order to ensure matches are competitive). It and the Scotland shinty team have played for many years with modified match rules (as with International Rules Football). The match is the only such international competition. However, competition at club level has been going on around the world since the late nineteenth century thanks to emigration from Ireland, and the strength of the game has ebbed and flowed along with emigration trends. Nowadays, growth in hurling is noted in Britain, North America, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand and South Africa

Teams: Teams consist of fifteen players The panel is made up of 24-30 players and 5
substitutions are allowed per game

Timekeeping: Senior inter-county matches last 70 minutes (35 minutes per half). All other matches last 60 minutes (30 minutes per half). For age groups of under-13 or lower, games may be shortened to 50 minutes. Timekeeping is at the discretion of the referee who adds on stoppage time at the end of each half. If a knockout game finishes in a draw, a replay is played. If a replay finishes in a draw, 20 minutes extra time is played (10 minutes per half). If the game is still tied, another replay is played. In club competitions, replays are increasingly not used due to the fixture backlogs caused. Instead, extra time is played after a draw, and if the game is still level after that it will go to a replay.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Reality TV

Reality TV is awesome but some probably isn’t real but a lot is like “Dog the Bounty Hunter”, “Criss Angel Mindfreak” (even though most people don’t think so), “Rob Dyrdek Fantasy Factory” only naming a few because these could go on for a while and most of them are pretty good even the non real ones. Even though some are not real they probably show some reality even if the people don’t actually think what they say about each other on TV.

Watching so much reality TV shows that we like watching people doing random things which is kinda like normal non-reality TV. So reality TV and non-reality TV aren’t that much different. But reality just beats non-reality TV from my point of view even though they non-reality is awesome. One reason why I like reality better is that WWE is reality and that is one of my favourite shows. Another good reality TV show is “The Biggest Loser” this show has 22 overweight people that try to get on this show where 2 trainers ‘Bob and Jillian’ help them lose weight and help them make better dictions with their eating and their lives. There is also like every show like this a host ‘Allison’ who gives them all these wacky challenges where they can win everything from cars to being able to donate money to charities of your choice. This show doesn’t only help the contestants but people all over the world (they go to food banks, charity events, do five k walks/runs with people to raise awareness, ect... so much stuff to help people get skinny and fit.

There are so many reality TV shows that I can barley chose but I will have to say The Biggest Loser because like I said they are helping people all over the world. Stay tuned for next week.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Juno Awards 2010

A couple days ago (April, 12-18) the Juno awards came around and for those who don’t know what the Juno awards are than listen up. The Juno awards are the biggest Canadian music award show for only Canadian artists and bands this past Juno was held in St. John's, Newfoundland. This had everyone from Michael Bublé to Kings Of Leon. These groups and artists were all worthy of being winners in their category.
Here are some of the Juno award winners because there are so many:

Juno fan choice: Michael Bublé

Single of the year: Michael Bublé Haven’t Meet You Yet

International album of the year: KINGS OF LEON Only By The Night

The list goes on forever some of these artists I didn’t even know were Canadian like “Hedley” and “Down with Webster”. There are a lot of nominees that should have won and a lot that I haven’t heard of. The rest of the winners

Here are some fun facts for you about the Juno awards: 31% of the Juno awards were watched by 1.6 million people on CTV. The 2001 celebrations marked the 30th anniversary of the Juno Awards and the 26th telecast with CBC Television. Well that's the Juno awards in a nut shell.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Game Show

There are so many game shows on earth so many to choose from, from “Deal or No Deal” to “Wipeout”. These range from common sense to crazy athletic abilities. The one that I would love to be in would probably be American Gladiators. This show has 2guys and 2 girls competing but the gender faces the same gender they are also going up against the huge Gladiators. There are many really tough challenges through the whole show where the go up against the intense gladiators until the final challenge where they go up against each other for the grand prize.

There are a couple reasons why I want to be on this show. The first is that I could prove myself and anyone else that how athletic I am and how I can do stuff that many people can’t. The second reason is that it would kinda be fun to try to go up against the huge Gladiators that could eat you for breakfast. The third is that it’s a game show you get money and prizes why wouldn’t you want to. Most people would think I was crazy if they saw an episode but it looks kinda fun.

Well that’s the game show that I would have chosen over any other game show on earth. My second choose would probably have to be Wipeout but that’s a completely different story well that's it stay tuned for next time.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Bucket List

There are many things I would want to do before I “kick the bucket” but ill only name my top 4.

1. I want to travel to all the best mountains for snow boarding to and to learn new cultures. Two reasons I want to do this first is that I love snowboarding and I want to get better at it the second is that I have already been to countries and seen what they are like and I want to see more of the world.
2. I want to complete a marathon. Most people would say I was crazy but this would show me that I can do stuff if I put my mind to it.
3. I want to ether complete the “Tour De France” or something close to it and again most people would say I was crazy but this would show me that I can do stuff if I put my mind to it.
4. I want to pursue my dream of being a chef. I want to do this because there are so many fast food restaurants and they’re all very unhealthy and if I can make a long chain of healthy restaurants that every body love than less people will be going to the fast food restaurants. This will make this country healthier

Well thats what I want to do before I "kick the bucket" thanks for reading my blog and stay tuned for next weeks.

Monday, February 22, 2010

My Dino Pet

Dinosaurs are awesome but there is only one that is the best and that is the Shantungosaurus (shan-TUNG-oh-SORE-us) meaning "Shandong Lizard". This would be the coolest dino pet because it is one of the longest and largest hadrosaurs (large herbivore) ever. This great beast is averaged at about 48 ft. in length this is also cool because you could ride it to school and instead of a honk or a bark it would make an awesome sound this is done by there being a large hole near its nostrils which could be covered by a loose flap and be inflated and therefore make an awesome sound. There are also some cool facts about this beast like all hadrosaurs its beak was toothless, but its jaws were packed with around 1,500 tiny chewing teeth. It had an unusually long tail, presumably to counterbalance the great weight of the body at the animal's hips.
Even though this dino was from about 70 million years ago it would be awesome to have was discovered and named in 1973. Since that time, a total of five individuals have been discovered, giving scientists a pretty good idea of what this animal looked like. Like many other hadrosaurs, Shantungosaurus had a very long, tapering tail, which it would have used to balance itself as it ran, and also as a possible weapon. This animal must have been really fast cause just look at its thighs it’s like I said a BEAST. There are also some down sides to the really big animal it would be really hard to find a step ladder another down side is his huge poo like how am I suppose to pick that up maybe with a garbage bag or something like that... but whatever.
Well the awesomest dino is this one and no one can take that away from me. Something is better than this and it is basketball yea that’s right basketball. Well that’s a Shantungosaurus for you and it’s straight up awesome.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Alex Bilodeau

There have been a lot of gold medals given to winners in the Olympics to Canadians but never on home soil until now. The Alexandre Bilodeau made Canadian history on Monday, February 15 he had one of the most perfect runs ever seen in Olympic history. There has been more gold medals gained since then in ladies’ boarder cross there was Mealle Ricker and in ladies’ 1000m speed skating Christine Nesbitt. These are the only people in Canadian history to ever win gold medals on home turf GO CANADA!!!!
There are many important things about winning gold on home turf for a first. One this is a big boost for all of the Olympians and a lot of weight of their shoulders this is because they have already won gold for Canada and they won’t have everyone making it harder for them on their back all the time. This winning of the gold means that we have broken a jinx and that we have also won a gold witch everyone wants to have and this was the most intense runs in moguls I have ever seen in the Olympics one of the worst things about this was that Dale Smith of Australia silver medal in men’s moguls at the 2010 winter Olympics games was being such a poor loser. Dale should have been happy to win silver at the Olympics which means he is the second best skier in the world. If I were in this man shoes I would have been freaking out because I won at the Olympics especially something I have been training at for so many years.
There are so many people that try to even make it in to the Olympics but to win would be the most awesome thing ever to have a gold medal from the Olympics. Well there have been many countries competing but there are some that don’t have enough money to even try to compete in the Olympics that could possibly make it in. Well that’s how I think about Alex’s gold.